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    Welcome Letter

    Dear Patient,

    Welcome home! In a medical home, you-the patient- are the center of the healthcare system. You are the most important person when it comes to your care.

    A medical home provides complete care. Your medical home team includes doctors, nurses, and other healthcare professionals as well as friends, family members, and most importantly, you! Your medical home can help you:

    • Get to know your team. Your care team will get to know you and your family, which will allow them to take a total approach to your care.
    • Connect you with other specialists if needed. If you need an expert in heart care, for example, your care team will help you find one and stay in touch with the expert to ensure you get the care you need.
    • Track your health electronically. Your team can access all of your records in one place via an electronic health record.
    • Get in touch with your team when you need them. Your care team will offer convenient appointment hours. If you are not feeling well, you will be seen that day. They may also allow you to contact them via MyChart.

    The healthcare world can be confusing, especially if you visit a lot of doctors. The medical home team can help you navigate the system. You can help by:

    • Choosing a personal clinician (primary care provider). This is important because:
      • You will have a single point-of-care that addresses the range of your healthcare needs.
      • You will have an ongoing relationship with a personal provider.
    • Taking an active role on the team.
      • Ask questions. Share success stories and challenges from the past.
      • Make sure your medical home team knows when you receive care from other experts.
      • Give your team feedback about the care they provide.
    • Taking care of your health.
      • Follow the plan you set with you and your team. At each appointment, make sure you understand the plan.
      • Set reachable goals. When you start to see results, talk with your team about setting new goals.
    • Talking openly with your team.
      • If you have setbacks, tell your team.
      • If your plan is not working, let your team know. Work with your team to determine what is not working so you can make changes.

    Teamwork is the central theme of a medical home. As an important part of the team, you will be able to focus on the issues that are important to you. Your team can answer your questions and help you understand your health needs. If you need to see other specialists, they will support you along the way.

    Together, you and your team can develop a plan that includes:

    • Personalized care that meets your specific needs and connects you to specialists if needed
    • An electronic record of your care
    • More ways to connect with your team, such as MyChart

    You will be able to make an appointment at a time that works for you. Before your appointment:

    • Make a list of questions. Put the most important questions at the top of the list. Ask a friend or relative for help if needed.
    • Make a list of other doctors or specialists you have seen since your last visit. Include their names, contact information and why you saw them.
    • Take all of your medications in their original containers. Include prescription and over-the-counter drugs as well as vitamins and herbal supplements.
    • Take your insurance card.
    • Ask a friend or relative to go to your appointment with you if it would make you more comfortable.

    During your appointment:

    • Write down the names of everyone on your medical home team.
    • Ask your questions, starting with the most important ones first. Write down the answers.
    • Ask your team about the health issues that are most important to address first.
    • Make sure you understand care instructions before you leave; repeat them in your own words.
    • Make sure you know how to reach your team after hours if needed.

    We are honored to serve as your medical home. If we can do anything to improve your experience along the way, please let us know.


    The Physicians and Staff of NH Premier Medical Associates